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COAST 20822 RX350 3.625" Blade Assist Stainless Steel Nylon Handle

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COAST® 20822 Knife, Stainless Steel Assist Folder Blade, 3-5/8 in L Blade
by COAST Products » COAST®

- Blade assist - from closed to open in a flash, knives with COAST®'s blade assist mechanism use a proprietary opening mechanism to release the knife blade faster, smoother, and more safely than other blade-assist systems on the market
- Operating blade assist is as simple as gently push the studs on the side of the blade until it pops open
- Max-lock - take safety to the extreme, COAST® knives equipped with the Max-Lock system can lock the blade in either the open or closed position
- Locking the blade closed prevents the assisted opening mechanism from accidentally engaging in your pocket
- Locking the blade open protects your fingers from an accidental closure during use
- Knives with max-lock also have a standard liner-lock to make the knives twice as safe
- Three position knife clip- carry your knife how it suits you best
- Use COAST®'s three position knife clip to adjust the pocket clip to how wear the knife, with easy access to your dominant hand
- Thumb studs - open the knife with a quick flick, small studs mounted on each side of the knife blade allow for easy, one-handed opening

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