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DEWALT 34 pc Socket Set 1/4" & 3/8" Drive, SAE & Metric, Clear-top Case

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This 34 pc. Socket Set is a versatile set that can be easily transported between work areas. This set features a removable inner tray designed to fit in most tool chests with standard height drawers. It also has side hinges that interlock with similar DEWALT(R) mechanics tool sets for an organized storage solution. Included in this set is a 72 tooth count ratchet, great for accessing tough to reach spots found on a worksite. The sockets and wrenches have hard stamped markings to easily identify the tool you need.

Locking, stackable case with removable inner tray
Exceeds ANSI specifications
72 tooth count ratchet providing a 5 degree arc swing for maneuverability in restricted areas
Clear identification on sockets with hard stamped markings
Control while handling sockets with knurled rings
Full Lifetime Warranty

(1) 1- 3/8 in Drive Quick Release Ratchet
(1) 1-3/8 in. Drive 3'' Extension
(1) 1-3/8 in. to 1/4 Drive Adaptor
(1) 7-1/4 in. Drive Standard SAE Sockets (5/3in.,3/16 in.,7/3in.,1/4 in.,9/3in.,5/16 in.,3/8 in.)
(1) 7-1/4 in. Drive Standard Metric Sockets (5 mm,6 mm,7 mm,8 mm,9 mm,10 mm,11 mm)
(1) 8-3/8 in. Drive Standard SAE Sockets (7/16 in.,1/in.,9/16 in.,5/8 in.,11/16 in.,3/4 in.,13/16 in.,7/8 in.)
(1) 8-3/8 in. Drive Standard Metric Sockets (1mm,13 mm,14 mm,15 mm,16 mm,17 mm,18 mm,19 mm)
(1) 1-3/8 in. Drive Drill Adaptor

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Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 13.75 × 8 × 2.75 in


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