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DEWALT DW083K Self Leveling 3 Point Laser

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The 3 Beam Laser Pointer includes a single lever power switch that locks the pendulum in the off position for added durability and the built-in magnetic pivoting bracket mounts easily on metal surfaces.

Accuracy of 1/4 in. @ 100 ft. Single lever power switch locks pendulum in the off position Built-in magnetic pivoting bracket to mount onto metal surfaces Integrated track clearance enables users for fast and accurate bottom and top track installation Over-molded housing helps maintain calibration under job-site conditions Focused laser beam keeps dot size small over longer distances Debris and water resistance with an IP54 rating

Steel Track Installation Curtain-wall Installation Locating overhead anchor locations Locating plumb drilling locations for vertical pipe Locating overhead anchor locations Plumbing of door jambs Checking forms for plumb Floor to ceiling transfer Setting Joists Running Electrical Running Plumbing porch/deck can lights Interior Can Lights Running wire vertically aligned lighting

(1) Carrying Case
(1) 3 Beam Laser Pointer
(4) AA Batteries

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Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 9.3 × 8.6 × 4.31 in


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