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DIABLO CDX045080B01F 4-1/2" Speed Hub Flap Disk 80 Grit

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Diablo Steel Demon 4 1/2-inch Type 29 Medium Finish 80 Grit Grinder Flap Disc for Metal Grinding/Polishing

Designed for use with an angle grinder, Diablo's 4-1/2 -inch Steel Demon Grinding and Polishing Flap Disc grinds and polishes simultaneously to help you scale down and smooth out metal and stainless steel surfaces. Featuring a new Speed HUB design, this flap disc can be changed quickly, without the use of tools. A conical shape and 80-grit (ultra-coarse) composition combine for 10X faster material removal, leaving behind a shiny surface that gives your work piece a revitalized appearance and/or operational resurgence.

New speed hub design for quick, tool free disc changes
Unique flap disc design delivers 10X faster material removal over a standard grinding wheel
Combines 2 steps into one by simultaneously grinding and polishing
Type 29 conical design allows aggressive stock removal
5/8 -inch to 11 hub fits most angle grinders
Not intended for use above 12,000 RPM
1 wheel per pack

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4.75 × 0.75 in


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