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ERNST 8352 3/8 Side Mount Ratchet & Extension Holder - Black-3/8

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• Hold ratchets and extensions with socket sets
• Easy to add-on and reposition
• Visual identification of missing tools
• Compact tool storage

Ernst Ratchet and Extension Holders securely hold ratchets and extensions in the toolbox or on the go. Holders snap onto the back side of the socket organizer to maximize storage.

Holders will adjust to fit any length of ratchet or extension. No more rolling and banging around in the toolbox drawers. Now your ratchet and extensions are held in place alongside your sockets, right where they should always be.

2 piece sets. Available in Black. Patents US 6,092,655 US 6,637,605, US 6,250,466. Made in USA.

Dimensions: 2.94"x0.47"x1.50"
Weight: 0.090 lbs

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