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FEIN 32160015980 Slugger Cutting Paste 10oz Tube 0010205

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32160015980, Fein Slugger 10 oz. Cutting Paste Tube, Qty. 1

Cutting Paste has been specifically designed to improve the life of Slugger annular cutters. It is often used in horizontal and inverted drilling applications where gravity feed delivery systems do not work. The cutting paste is packed into the center of the tool and liquefies during the cutting process to deliver coolant at the cutting teeth and keep the slug from getting hot.


Used when normal gravity feed coolant systems will not work (i.e. horizontal or inverted drilling applications)
Liquefies during the cutting process
Can improve surface finish and reduce heat build up when drilling
Specially designed packaging makes it easy to handle and store

Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 3 × 0.3 in


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