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Freud LU3A05 10" (250 mm) x 80T Ultra Finish Panel Saw Blade

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For sizing bilaminated panels, with perfect finishing on both sides without using a scoring sawblade
Ideal for cutting wood panels, plastic materials and non-ferrous metals
Especially good for cutting Bi-laminated panels with extremely fine coatings and veneered panels
For use on Panel saws and Vertical panel saws
ATB 38° tooth, with variable cutting angle according to the diameter
Silent Sawblade
Anti-vibration Design
Silver I.C.E. Coating prevents build up on the blade surface and keeps the blade running cooler and cleaner
Freud produces its own Micro grain Carbide
Diameter: 10" (250 mm)
Kerf: 3.2 mm
Plate: 2.2 mm
Arbor: 1"
Teeth: 80 Hi-ATB
Hook angle: -2º
Maximum rotational speed: 8,000 RPM

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 12.75 × 10.5 × 0.5 in


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