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KLEIN TOOLS MM720 Digital MultimeterTRMS/Low Impedance, 1000V AC/DC

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KLEIN TOOLS MM720 Digital MultimeterTRMS/Low Impedance, 1000V AC/DC

Multimeter with automatic ranging true root mean square (TRMS) technology for increased accuracy
Tester measures up to 1000V AC/DC voltage, 10A AC/DC current and 60 MOhms resistance plus temperature, capacitance, frequency, low impedance (LoZ), duty-cycle, test diodes and continuity
High visibility, reverse contrast display with optical sensor to automatically optimize viewability in dark or bright ambient lighting
Low Impedance (LoZ) mode for identifying and eliminating ghost or stray voltages
Low battery indicator and easily accessible battery and fuse compartment
Tough meter built to withstand a 6.6-Foot (2 m) drop and is rated IP42
Includes carrying pouch, test leads, thermocouple with adapter, and batteries
CAT IV 600V Safety Rating
For use in basic and controlled electromagnetic environments such as residential, business and light-industrial locations

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 6 × 3.25 in


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