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KNIPEX 13 81 8 SBA Electrical Installation Pliers AWG-12/14

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Electrical Installation Pliers is a multi-functional pair of pliers that features 6 different functions. They are perfect for gripping, bending, deburring, cutting cable, stripping, and crimping end sleeves (ferrules). These pliers have been designed with slim dimensions to allow for easy access in tight spaces. They feature a bolted joint for precise, zero-backlash operation and are forged from high-grade special tool steel.

To grip flat and round material, for bending, deburring, cutting cable, stripping and crimping end sleeves (ferrules).
6 functions in one pair of pliers.
Smooth surfaces near the tips grip single conductors without damaging them
Stripping holes for 12 + 14 AWG
Clear-cut outside edge on the jaw for working on flush-mounted junction boxes and deburring feed-through holes

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 3.8 × 1 in


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