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MAKITA T-04064 40V XGT Starter Kit (4AH battery, DC40RA charger, ADP10 adapter)

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40V MAX XGT (4.0 Ah) Li-Ion Battery, Rapid Charger, and LXT Charging Adapter
Ideal Starter Kit for purchase with XGT bulk 'Z' tools
DC40RA Li-Ion Rapid Charger Charges 40V MAX Li-Ion 2.5 Ah battery in just 28 minutes and 4.0 Ah battery in just 45 minutes!
Optimum charging system regulates thermal, voltage and current during charging cycle to ensure battery cannot be overcharged or overheated during the charging process
Central Processing Unit (CPU) in battery communicates with charger to analyze battery and charge according to its unique condition
Forced air cooling fans keeps battery and charging circuits at optimum charging temperature and prevents over heating
Digital power display indicates condition of battery and current charge level (-80%, +80%, 100%)
Keyhole slots charger to be fastened directly to walls, stud frames and more
ADP10 Adapts 18V Li-Ion Batteries To 40V MAX XGT Li-Ion Battery Charger DC40RA

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Weight 5.8 lbs
Dimensions 10.24 × 4.02 × 9.02 in
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