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MILWAUKEE 2267-20 10:1 Infrared Temp-Gun

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The Milwaukee® Infrared Temp-Gun™ delivers the clearest screen and faster scanning. With stunning readability indoor & outdoor, this infrared temp-gun provides easier readings for professional, residential, commercial and industrial users in any environment. Simple High/Low alert setup makes scanning easier and faster. With a 7-point reinforced frame, fully bumpered nose, and shielded LCD, the Milwaukee® Infrared Temp-Gun™ survives 6ft drops for superior durability.

Measures surface temperatures -22°F to 752°F for use in a variety of applications
10:1 distance-to-spot ratio measures a 1 ft. spot from 10 ft. way
Premium LCD display for clear readings
User-configurable High/Low Temperature Alert
Fully bumpered nose, shielded LCD Survives 6' ft drops
Hold, Max, Min, Avg, Diff Modes
Clear button functions, easy setup
Overmolded grip for easy handling
0.95 Fixed Emissivity

Product Specifications
Tool Warranty 5 Years
Battery Type 9V Alkaline
Temperature Range -22°F to 752°F
Display Resolution 0.1° F (0.1° C)
Weight 10.0 oz
Basic Accuracy +/- 2%
Battery Life Greater than 12 hrs (All Functions)
Storage Temperature -4°F to 140°F
Distance to Spot Ratio 10:1
Repeatability +/-.08%
Emissivity Fixed, 0.95
Alarm HI LO Yes
Laser On Off Yes
Trigger Lock Yes
Rubber Over molding Yes
Drop Test 6'

Additional information

Weight 0.86 lbs
Dimensions 2.2 × 10.55 × 5.9 in


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