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MILWAUKEE 48-00-5026 9" 5/8 TPI Ax Super Sawzall Blades (5Pk)

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The Ax Sawzall® blades have been engineered to deliver the fastest cuts, longest life, greatest tooth durability and quickest plunge cuts of any wood demolition blade on the market.

NAIL GUARD ™. Ordinary teeth deliver either speed or durability. NAIL GUARD ™ solves this trade-off with an aggressive 5 TPI pattern for faster cuts and a unique design that protects against tooth fracture.
FANG TIP ™. Ordinary tips bounce or skate on the work piece. FANG TIP ™ bites into the wood on first contact.
A thicker, more rigid blade body resists fracturing and bending for maximum durability.
The 1" tall blade body reduces blade twisting for straighter, more accurate cuts.
Matrix II bi-metal teeth for greater durability.

Product Specifications
Material Wood with Nails
Profile Demo
Shank 1/2" Universal
Pack Qty 5 Pack
Length 9"

Additional information

Weight 0.39 lbs
Dimensions 11.91 × 2 × 0.65 in


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