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MILWAUKEE MT212 3/16" Cabinet 6" Cushion-Grip Screw Driver

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Our Milwaukee® (USA) padded handle screwdrivers are made to give the professional the most suitable screwdriver with maximum grip. Our screwdriver tips are custom machined to provide a precise fit and reduce tearing during demanding fastening applications. For added confidence, the tips are laser engraved to increase the gripping surface. Made of high-strength boron-infused steel for added hardness, our screwdrivers withstand jobsite demands with ultimate durability and lifespan. For added versatility, some screwdrivers feature a ready-to-use lever for increased torque and a knurled rod for precise control. Quick identification markings on the handle make it easy to identify the size of screwdriver tips, including Phillips, cabinetmaker, ECX, slot and square. Demolition screwdrivers also include a striking cap ready to be used with a hammer. Our screwdrivers have rod sizes ranging from 3 to 10 inches. Our Milwaukee (USA) padded handle screwdrivers are made in the USA. With state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and locally sourced materials, all backed by a full lifetime warranty.

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