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MILWAUKEE 2108 Rover Magnetic Flood Light

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Our ROVER™ Magnetic Flood Light is a bright, versatile personal floodlight that you can Take everywhere and stick anywhere . Two built-in magnets located on the top and back of the LED flood light give you the versatility to mount the light in different orientations and deliver light wherever you need it. The LED floodlight features 300 lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output, giving you bright, high-quality task lighting for the most accurate details and color. Our Magnetic Flood Light survives repeated drops from 4 meters (12 feet) and is water and dust resistant to withstand the demands of daily use on jobsites. Maximize the light's brightness or runtime depending on the job using the high and low mode options. A built-in metal clip attaches to your pockets or tool bags. The clip can also be used as a base and rotated to direct light when resting on a surface. Our ROVER™ Magnetic Flood Light's LEDs are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

300 Lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output
TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output provides neutral white color and produces an even beam pattern for clearer visibility
Magnets on top and back
Rotating metal pocket clip functions as base 4m (12 ft) drop rated and corrosion resistant body and lens
Two light output modes: High and Low
IP54 Rated: Water and Dust Resistant
Corrosion resistant body and lens
Powered by (2) AA batteries (Included)
Limited lifetime warranty on Light and LEDs

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Weight 0.34 lbs
Dimensions 1.38 × 3.94 × 8.86 in


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