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MILWAUKEE 0950-20 Wireless Dust Control Adapter & Remote Kit

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Our Wireless Dust Control Adapter & Remote Kit offers instant dust control, and less downtime. Our adapter is designed for use with any corded vacuum or dust extractor. By plugging a vacuum into the adapter, it can be turned on and off via the remote, controlling power with the push of a button. Our remote pairs to the adapter in 3 seconds or less and descriptive LEDs indicate pairing success and operation. The remote is equipped with an adjustable strap and removable belt clip, allowing it to be used in different orientations and affix to different objects. The adapter only uses one spot in a standard outlet, leaving valuable space for users to access the other one. The 0950-20 includes the Wireless Dust Control Remote, Adapter, Velcro Strap, and removable Belt Clip. With the option to pair multiple remotes to the same adapter, it is suitable for shared working environments.

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