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OLFA 1096854 SK-10 - Concealed Blade Safety Knife

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Wide throat allows for continual, protected blade exposure
Exclusive Four-Position Safety Blade reduces punctures
Change the blade position to expose a fresh blade edge
Stainless-steel tape splitter
Thumb-rest and non-slip grooves provide comfortable, secure grip
Symmetrical design allows for right- or left-handed use
Work Quickly and Safely
When you continually need a sharp blade at the ready, the OLFA SK-10 Concealed Blade Safety Knife offers both utility and safety. The wide throat allows for easy access to the blade while protecting the user from accidental blade exposure.
Preloaded with a premium four (4)-position blade crafted from Japanese tool steel for unmatched sharpness and edge retention. A simple change of the blade position exposes a fresh blade edge for volume cutting and minimal blade changes. When the spent blade needs replacement, no tools are required to change it.
A stainless-steel tab is situated at the top of the head for splitting packaging tape. This addition helps eliminate residue and prolongs the life of the blade.
Constructed from Nylon-6 Polyamide, the handle is acetone resistant and easy to clean. The thumb-rest and non-slip grooves create a secure and comfortable grip for all day use. The symmetrical design allows for either right- or left-handed use.
Cutting Depth: 0.16” / 4mm

For use with: Bagged goods, Films, Plastic strapping bands, Pallet / shrink-wrap, Tape, And more

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.675 × 3.75 × 0.5 in


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