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PEARL DIA07TTS 7 x0.055 x 7/8 5/8 Tile & Stone Diamond Blades

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Ridged core design adds stability, reduces friction, and removes the debris from the cutting path thus extending the blade life!
Turbo-mesh rim and new ridged core design virtually eliminates heat better caused by friction.

For Porcelain, Granite, Hard Tile, Natural Stone.
Large 10mm diamond rim.
Super fast cutting. Extra long life.
Thin turbo-mesh rim and core for fast cutting and minimal chipping.
Ideal for cutting extra hard ceramics, porcelain and other hard/dense materials.
Reinforced inner core prevents flexing and provides straight cuts.
Blade cuts extremely cool.
5" and 6" has 4-holes
Wet or dry cutting. 10" wet cutting only.
To get the best performance:
Don’t drop or jam in the cut.
Don’t leave on the grinder when not in use.
Don’t grind, twist or side-stress.

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