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PICA 150/41-PIC Blue Marker For Deep Holes

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PICA ink markers come with a thin, long tip that can be used in narrow holes and tight spaces.
This extra-long nib offers up to 3x more marking capability than the competitors.
When the nib wick dries up, you can reverse it to get a fresh writing tip.
The quiver cap fixed onto your pockets or tool belts helps you handle the markers one-handedly and provides easy accessibility.
Marks on almost all kinds of dry surfaces, Permanent ink, Extended nib made of stainless steel, Self adjusting and patented.
PICA 150-series ink markers, designed for deep holes, have an extra-long patented bullet tip made of stainless steel.
This 7mm-long and 1.5mm-thick telescopic nib is self-adjusting, and the nib wick is reversible.
The quiver cap can be attached to your pockets/tool belts easily.
These ink markers use alcohol-based ink, and the available ink colors are red, blue, and black.
This ink is water and abrasion-resistant and provides you with clear marks.

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