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Pica 7070-PIC Fine Dry Longlife Automatic Pencil 0.9

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Pica Fine Dry
Longlife Automatic Pencil 0.9

NEW: Precision without sharpening
The special lead diameter of only 0.9 mm is ideal for fine and precise marking, without sharpening

High-tech push mechanism:

for automatic lead feed
for a long-lasting lead holding power

Practical quiver cap for perfect one-handed handling:
made of extremely robust special plastic
with extra strong clip
for a long-term use

New Pica Fine Dry: The marking tool for highest precision

With effective dust and water protection: push button as umbrella cap and sealing ring on barrel
Its integrated large eraser enables quick correction of markings
Equipped with 5 graphite leads in HB
Sustainable due to refillability with different leads
High value push mechanism for automatic lead feed in a stainless steel tube
Barrel with roll stop

Refills in two different degrees of hardness for different applications:

All refills are temperature resistant up to 70 °C and thus suitable for hot summers
Leads most easy to refill from the back end
Its graphite lead in HB is ideal for most surfaces
The graphite lead in H enables fine markings – for highest precision

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