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PRIMEGRIP 09-276 Clawverine - Ultimate Step Flashing Cleaning Bar

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High Quality Material ---- Primegrip Clawverine modern-looking crow bar is manufactured from military grade high carbon forged spring steel which is 30% thicker and gives maximum prying power. The top-notch material also makes this puller tool abrasion and strain-resistant.
Long Lasting & Durable ---- Primegrip Clawverine heavy duty wonder bar has a rustproof finish to last longer. Drop-tested to ensure durability on the toughest jobsites
Innovation ---- Flat claw end provides easier penetration to lift nails and step-flashing or pry nails without damaging shingles, flashing, and walls. Extractor head removes nails with less effort and damage to shingles and step-flashing. Ideal for re-roof jobs
Features ---- Primegrip Clawverine pry bar tool is ideal hand tools for carpenters, as it comes with 6 unique Nail Pullers, teardrop nail puller, and Revolutionary flat Claw head lets you get nails from tightest angle

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Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 7 × 1 in


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