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Quik Drive® PRO200SG2C2K Cordless Multi-Purpose System 1"- 2"

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Quik Drive® PRO200SG2C2K Cordless Multi-Purpose System 1"- 2"

The Quik Drive PRO200SG2 Cordless Multi-Purpose System is a complete auto-feed screw driving tool powered by a 2000 rpm, 20V cordless DeWalt® brushless driver motor. Eliminate the need for cords, compressors and generators to run with this best-in-class, ergonomic fastening system. Subfloor installations are fast and easy using this lightweight, portable Quik Drive system. The cordless DeWalt driver and lightweight extension allow stand-up driving, making for a fast, ergonomic and less fatiguing installation.

Quik Drive cordless combined with Simpson Strong-Tie low-torque fasteners, drives more screws — faster — per battery charge.
Efficient: Slash the setup time. Eliminate cord and hose maintenance and tangle. Reduce tripping and electrical shock hazards.
The PRO200SG2 requires less skill training than traditional installation methods, allowing a first-day apprentice to keep pace with a seasoned veteran.
Quik Drive Cordless PRO200SG2 Multi-Purpose System can be used with or without the lightweight extension.

Key Features

Precise, self-locking depth adjustment for consistent fastener drive depth
Lightweight G3 extension for better ergonomics
Powerful DeWalt cordless driver motor
The patented curved collation strips hold the screws up and away from the work surface, making moving and positioning the tool easier
The collated strips are also pointed on the inserted end to simplify loading


Fastening Wood-to-Wood
Fastening Subfloor to Wood
Fastening Wood to Steel: Sheathing
Underlayment / Backerboard
Fastening Fiber-Cement Siding
Cold-Formed Steel

Additional information

Weight 11.8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 3.75 × 10.5 in


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