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STABILA 37424 196-2 - 24" Level

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STABILA levels are unparalleled with regard to their accuracy and dependability. The secret - the vials made of block acrylic glass are firmly epoxy-locked in the frame. A perfect system. The vial is firmly cast in the high strength aluminum frame with non-shrink epoxy. No re-adjustment, no realignment, no tensioning against springs made of steel or fatigued plastic, no welding or clamping stresses. All STABILA levels are guaranteed to be accurate for life.


Ultra-rigid aluminium profile with reinforcing ribs for high stability and finger-grip openings for easy use and secure hold while working.
Two vertical vials for quick readings in any position.
End caps with an slip-stopper – for a firm seat when marking.
Shock-absorbing end caps – the two-component material mix protects the profile against impact.
Removable end caps – exact positioning and marking right up into the corners.
Easy to clean thanks to the electrostatic powder coating.
Spirit level with two precision-milled measuring surfaces (coated from 58" / 147 cm).
High-precision measuring in all positions.
STABILA installation technology ensures long-term accuracy – measuring accuracy in normal and reverse position of ± 1/32" @ 72" / 0.5mm/m.
Equipment: 1 horizontal vial, 2 vertical vials (1 vertical vial on 16"/40 cm), 2 milled measuring surfaces (2 coated measuring surfaces for 78"/200 cm and 96"/244 cm), 2 hand grips (1 hand grip on 16"/40 cm, no hand grips on 96"/244 cm).


Especially suitable for craftsmen who subject their tools to extremely demanding conditions and need to measure in all positions for example, in bricklaying and carpentry, in wood construction, reinforced concrete construction, window fitting, road construction and landscaping work.

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