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STABILA 36524 24" IP 65 Tech Level w/Case

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Catalog # 36524
Type: 196-2
Length: 24"
Electronic measuring technology with 2 digital displays and and audible inclination guide
Yields precise slope measurements as required by ADA 4.8.2 handicap ramp compliance
Fast, accurate readings
Dust- and Water-proof rated at IP65
Dual screens (Front & Top) provide easy viewing from any angle
Electronic displays illuminate for better viewing in low light conditions
Instant conversion of measurements to any scale e.g. rise & run to degrees, degrees to percent, etc.
Audible tones allow sight-free use
Easy-to-use, one button calibration
Comes with removable, shock-absorbing end caps featuring anti-slip wall grips

Additional information

Weight2.25 lbs
Dimensions26.05 × 4.65 × 2.55 in


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