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STILETTO STSQ7-L 7" Carpenter Square w/ Bomber Layout Notches & Built-in Level

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The STILETTO 7 in. Carpenter Square is designed with more layout notches to help you build faster. Additional notches aid in laying out 2 ft. x6 ft. material, ripping boards, and marking rafter pitches. The BOMBER Cutout allows for repeatable stud measurements, while the bottom heel markings provide marking versatility. The 7 in. Carpenter Square with Level is fully machined, with an anti-glare finish and the most durable coating.
BOMBER Cutout for Faster Layouts - Repeatable Stud Measurements for 1 ½, 3, 4 ½, and LVL
Most Durable Coating - Anti-Glare, Hard Anodized Finish Extends Life of Laser Etched Markings
Fully Machined for Superior Accuracy
Bottom Heel Markings
Scribe Notches Every 1/8 in.
Highly Visible Laser Etched Markings
5-1/2 in. Notch for Laying out 2 ft. x 6 ft. Material
Use BOMBER to Layout Longer Lines when Ripping Boards - 1/2 in. , 3/4 in. , 1-3/4 in.
Notches at Most Common Rafter Pitches
Made in USA with Global Materials
1 Year Warranty
Includes: (1) STILETTO 7 in. Carpenter Square

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7.96 × 1 × 7.45 in


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