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VEGA 12 pc 2" Allan Hex Key Bit set

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150H0764A-VEGA Hex 7/64 Power Bit x 2"
150H0864A-VEGA Hex 1/8 Power Bit x 2"
150H0964A-VEGA Hex 9/64 Power Bit x 2"
150H1064A-VEGA Hex 5/32 Power Bit x 2"
150H1264A-VEGA Hex 3/16 Power Bit x 2"
150H1464A-VEGA Hex 7/32 Power Bit x 2"
150H1664A-VEGA Hex 1/4 Power Bit x 2"
150H2064A-VEGA Hex 5/16 Power Bit x 2"
150H060A-VEGA 6MM X 2" HEX Bit
150H050A-VEGA 5MM X 2" HEX Bit
150H040A-VEGA 4MM X 2" HEX Bit
150H030A-VEGA 3MM X 2" HEX Bit
Y0302P-12 Hole Bit Holder

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