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WERA WER-0505748000 Kraftform Turbo Screwdriver Handle 1/4" Hex

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Many users would like to be able to carry out screwdriving processes faster without compromise. With a screwdriver that is precise, allows powerful screwdriving, and is much faster than a conventional screwdriver. A part-time universal gear is the solution: Integrated in the screwdriver handle, it quadruples the working speed with smooth couplings - purely mechanically. One hand holds the front part of the handle, the other hand turns the rear part of the handle. The turbo function can be switched on or off at the push of a button. Turning it off is recommended for tightening and loosening with high torque, e.g. for screw connections in wood, as well as for fine adjustments. Robust, maintenance-free gear made of steel with a maximum torque of 14Nm when the turbo function is deactivated. Thanks to the Rapidaptor bit holder, the Kraftform Turbo can be used with all conventional 1/4" hexagon bits for a wide variety of screw profiles. With the Rapidaptor function the bits can be inserted directly and can be easily removed by pushing the sleeve forward.
4 times the screwdriving speed thanks to the turbo function (purely mechanical - without battery)
Activate and deactivate the turbo function by a simple push of a button
Turbo function especially for smooth couplings
Can be used without the turbo function like a normal screwdriver for couplings with steadily increasing torque, e.g. for screw connections in wood
Robust, maintenance-free gear made of steel
Tip Size (inch): 1/4"
Handle Length (mm): 146


The Rapidaptor quick-release chucks hold ¼" DIN ISO 1173-C 6,3 and E 6,3 as well as Wera series 1 and 4 bits.

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Dimensions 6 × 2.5 × 1.75 in


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